Yira yira (en ingles)

Letra de Discépolo
Música de Discépolo
Traducido por by Frank Sasson

When luck which is very bad
Missing and missing, leaves you alone,
When you’re well on the way
Without desperate direction
When you don’t even have faith
Nor yesterday’s weed (mate)
Being dried by the sun

When you split the dancing shoes
Looking for that dough
To be able to eat
You will now feel
The indifference of that
deaf and dumb world.

You’ll see that everything is a lie
You’ll see that nothing is love
That the world doesn’t care
Yira yira *1
Even though life will break you
Even if a pain will bite you
Don’t ever expect a help
Nor a hand …. Nor a favor

When the batteries
Of all the bells you ring,
have dried up,
While looking for a brotherly chest
To die in an embrace

When they leave you alone *2
After cinching*
The same as myself
When you notice that beside you
They’re trying on the clothes
That you are leaving,
You will remember this otario *3
That one day, tired
Started to bark

Even though life will break you
Even if a pain will bite you
Don’t ever expect a help
Nor a hand …. Nor a favor


* 1 Yira is the Lunfardo for «Gira» . They use it to signify the
walk (started probably with prostitutes) they take from one corner
to the next etc.

* 2 The term «Larguen Parao» can mean many things. («Te largo
paraoŽshe stood you up») In this case, the whole tense means
(«When they fired you, after making you work so hard, the same as
they fired me»)

*3 The word «Otario» is used to describe the stupid guy, the dumbbell.

Comments and translation by Alberto Paz follow:

I’ve taken the liberty to suggest a couple of technical changes on
Yira, yira which reflect a little closer the message conveyed by

Grela, for example, is one of many pejorative names given to women.

When Discépolo says that «luck is grela» he’s associating the
consequences of having luck dodge you with the consequences of «bad»
things «women do to men».

Yirar is indeed a lingo originally associated with the cruising of
the street walkers. It has also been adopted as a way to describe
the action of walking aimlesly, cruising, drifting. Yira or Yiro is
also a name commonly used to address a street walker.

Largar para’o (Largar parado) has the meaning of being abandoned.

Otario is an idiot, a sap.